2 Important Questions to Ask Your Next Insulation Contractor

In New England, insulation plays a big part in bringing comfort to homes in the area. However, poor quality installation can negatively impact the performance of the insulation. So, hiring a savvy insulation contractor is a must when installing the insulation in your home. Thus, you should hire only the qualify candidates by asking these three questions.

1. What kind of training do your crews receive?

When you hire someone to install your insulation, you should ask about their experience and training. With the turnover rate being high, it is important to make sure the crew that will be installing your insulation are trained properly and have enough experience on working on your insulation.

2. Are you installers salaried or paid hourly?

If the crew of the insulation is paid hourly versus salaried, there might be a huge difference in the quality of the insulation. The installer’s need to make a living will be prioritized to the quality of the work that is completed. It is highly recommended to compensate installers slightly above the market average and make installers salaried employees.

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