Check If Your Home is Under Insulated

As your home ages, air is more likely to escape through cracks and areas where your home has settled. This can result in issues controlling the home’s temperature and wasted resources spent on heating and cooling throughout the year. Even though your home may feel comfortable now, it’s important to periodically check strategic areas around your home to keep your energy costs down.


Your attic is one of the largest continuous areas in your home, and can leave your home vulnerable to animals and air leaks over time. As your roof ages and begins to show vulnerability against weather and animals, cracks and openings will begin to form. In addition to leaving your attic open to animal infestations, air pushed through your HVAC systems will quickly rise and escape your home, leading to a spike in your energy bills.

Windows & Doors

Your windows and doors are not designed to last forever, and will develop drafts over time. If you can see visible cracks forming in the frames or can hear the wind clearly, air may be escaping through your windows and entry doors. If you tend to open and close your windows and doors often to regulate temperature and let fresh air in, you may see signs of wear and tear quicker.


Your plumbing is important to your home, circulating water and regulating temperature throughout the year. If you have older pipes, openings may develop that allow air to escape. If you are planning to replace your pipes or have your HVAC system examined, make sure your plumbing is sealed in to keep your temperature regulated.

Cellulose, Spray Foam & Fiberglass Insulation Installation in Weymouth, Rockport & Hingham, MA

If you suspect that your home is under-insulated, contact Advanced Green Insulation today! We will inspect your existing insulation and  make recommendations for replacement. Advanced Green Insulation can be reached by calling 781-871-6700 or by filling out our online contact form.

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