Three Benefits of Insulating Your Attic This Fall

Your attic does more than just serve as a place you can stash your junk for months at a time without thinking about it. It’s a protective barrier that stands between your home and the heat, cold and humidity outdoors.

The North American Insulation Manufacturers Association estimates that about 90% of homes either lack insulation or qualify as under-insulated. In all likelihood, this includes your home. Here are three important reasons you should consider insulating your attic this fall.

Lower Your Utility Bills

Properly sealing up your home, including the attic, can potentially save you 15% on your heating and cool energy costs, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Insulating your attic today can be an investment in lowering your future bills, and help you save hundreds of dollars each and every year.

Keep Your Home Safe

Moisture can seep in when your home isn’t properly insulated, causing the wood in walls to swell. This can lead to erosion and displacement over time, and can also encourage mold growth—a particularly irritating home health hazard that’s expensive to treat. Properly insulating your attic with spray foam insulation can reduce the likelihood of water condensation in the walls, and keep your home structure airtight.

Less Stress on Your HVAC

Having to replace a heating and air conditioning unit is an expensive undertaking. Keep the stress off your HVAC unit by investing in better insulation for your home. Spray foam insulation can be used to plug up the drafty areas of your home that would otherwise set your HVAC into overdrive. This is especially important in the attic, which can become very hot in the summertime.

Fall is a great time to insulate your attic so that you’re ready when winter hits and the cold sets in. The insulation experts at Advanced Green Insulation company can help you set up an insulation plan for your home so that you can keep your house safe, lower your energy bills, and enjoy a cozy home. We can be reached by calling 781-871-6700 or by filling out our online contact form.

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